Our unique position

We are a small audit and consultancy firm with only highly experienced and specialized auditors in EU grants. We do not engage junior auditors for which you as a client basically pay their training and who cannot provide any value. We have a very lean structure with no overhead costs, execute all audit work ourselves as firm owners from start to finish and can therefore offer very competitive fees. Due to our mono layer team structure you have direct access to the people who provide the service. Respect of agreed time schedules is a cornerstone of our service offerings. Basically, you will benefit from all the advantages of a big audit firm while being saved from all the disadvantages.

Our firm was created with the view of serving clients as real clients, while maintaining professional standards, independence and ethics and offering high value, direct and in-depth knowledge. In short, we are different.

We are passionate about our work. We are genuinely interested in the activities of your project. We pay a lot of attention and time to continuous training, both in audit methodology and standards and EU laws, regulations and eligibility rules under the different EU financial instruments. We adopt high ethical standards : integrity and professional secrecy are important pillars of our code of conduct.

Did you know that...

big audit firms send in general very junior, unexperienced auditors on the field for which basically you are paying their education and make you lose time; moreover they have multiple team layers involved and high overhead and marketing costs that make their audits very expensive for you.