Audit findings defence and objection services

Bad audit results for whatever reason should not be an end point. A draft or even final EC audit report that has been addressed to you does not necessarily mean game over. No panic ! Our experience shows that findings from auditors are sometimes debatable or simply wrong. EC contracted auditors have to perform many audits in a short timeframe and tend to ignore information that you provide after their fieldwork for the simple reason to limit the time (and costs) spent on an audit for which the EC has awarded them a fixed budget. There is no legal or contractual basis for this; you do have rights that need to be respected. Also, extrapolation of individual financial errors are often statistically not or incorrectly substantiated.

The financial consequences and reputational damage (also for future EU calls for proposals) could be very detrimental. If you consider the audit findings on your EU funded project to be wrong or disputable, you have doubts about how the audit process was conducted or you just want to have a second opinion, we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible, preferable during the audit. We will work together with you in turning around the audit findings and limit or even eliminate the negative impact. Thanks to our long standing experience, we are able to process large data volumes in a short time, understand complex project structures and accounting journal entries and analyse audit reports. This allows us to build up a defence against the EC audit report findings and assist with objection procedures.

Did you know that...

our experience as previous EC framework contracted auditors provides us in-depth knowledge of the audit methodology, approach and way of thinking of EC auditors. This puts us in an excellent position to deal with EC audit results, analyse weaknesses and defend your position and object to findings.