Financial monitoring & supervision procedures

We have broad experience with complex project structures with multiple fund beneficiaries whereby grants are awarded or cascaded by lead partners, coordinators, national ministries or Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). Such an implementation structure requires a specific and a thorough call for proposals management, evaluation, awarding, monitoring, supervision and reporting system encompassing specific training and uniform financial procedures. The internal control system for grant awarding bodies or authorities should limit the risk of non-compliance of eligibility rules by its funds’ beneficiaries in combination with focused contractual agreements between the lead organisation and the beneficiaries.

Multiple EU partnerships implement EU funds under cascade funding (also known as financial support to third parties) or sub-granting mechanisms. National responsible/contracting authorities under shared management (decentralised management) award their EU funds by open calls for proposals under annual work programmes. In both cases, a strong implementation, monitoring and supervision system is essential. We can assist in setting up these procedures in order to safeguard your interests and comply with the EU framework or partnership agreements.

Did you know that...

there is a tendency of increasing cascaded funds, particularly in the research and innovation area, and that shared management accounts for 80% of all EU funds.