Project accounting assistance

Happy you have been awarded an EU project but not very eager to perform the project administration or simply lack the manpower ? Perfectly understandable, perhaps you do not like this but we love it ! We will make sure that your administration is impeccable and that all expenses are justified in accordance with the EU grant requirements.

Also the management as project coordinator or lead beneficiary of the financial flows in a project with multiple partners can be challenging and even a strategic decision, especially as it comes to the timing and the amounts to be transferred. The cash flow management in a project is particularly important as often an advance or first instalment from the EU will only be received when the project has already started and any further instalments may only come when the actual expenditure exceeds the contributions received.

This service could also include the contact with the EU granting authority to clarify specific questions on your behalf and obtain assurance on the treatment of specific topics for which the grant contract and its eligibility rules do not provide sufficient clarity.

Did you know that...

most accountants and certified auditors have no experience at all with the administration or audit of EU funds and therefore completely miss the very specific knowledge of the specificity of EU funds and its extensive legal and contractual framework. EU audits are a very specific niche in the audit landscape.