EU procurement advice & outsourcing

The EU requirements on competitive procurement can be very burdensome and demanding while the financial consequences of non-compliance can be huge. EU funds beneficiaries do not always have the required knowledge in-house to comply with the EU procurement rules that the grant agreement imposes on them. Outsourcing is THE solution then. You benefit from our enormous experience with EU procurement rules (the different versions of the EU Practical Guide on contract procedures for EU external actions PRAG, the EC Directive on Public Procurement 2014/24), as auditors but also as consultants implementing procurement manuals and executing competitive procurement transactions (negotiation, restricted, open procedures, etc). We can assist you with setting up a procurement procedures manual that complies with all EU requirements or you can outsource all procurement aspects to us and we will carry out the whole procurement procedure for you, in cooperation with your technical and operational staff.

Most EU fund beneficiaries lack the resources or right experience with the set-up and execution of a procurement system. Outsourcing to us is then a very effective and cost efficient solution. We will take away the concern that you have for all procurement transactions. The buzzword nowadays is “best value for money”. We will make sure that this is what you get.

Did you know that...

compliance with EU procurement rules is one of the most demanding and complex areas of EU eligibility rules and therefore one of the most important sources of ineligibility. Procurement is also scrutinized in detail by the EC auditors and involves in general very significant amounts.