CINEA Innovation Fund Large Scale Call 2021 - Audit Statement

The Innovation Fund Large Scale Call 2021 from CINEA includes the requirement to provide an Audit Statement. This Statement should confirm that the Relevant Costs calculation is consistent with the methodology in Annex B of the call text, that the data used in the applicant’s own financial model is consistent with the data used in the Relevant Costs calculation and that the underlying assumptions used for the Relevant Costs calculation are valid and in line with potential quotes or indicative contract terms received from contractors.

Horizon Audits is fully familiar with the methodology and the complexity of the Relevant Costs calculation. Moreover, we have been involved in the evaluation of the Large Scale Call 2020 proposals as financial experts and therefore well aware of the main attention points, how to avoid the traps and ensure your proposal is highly rated.

Therefore, we are in an excellent position to advise on the preparation of the financial model and the Financial Model Summary Sheet or to provide the mandatory Audit Statement for your Large Scale Call 2021 application.

Check out our brochure on the Innovation Fund Large Scale 2021 Audit Statement here ! (105KB)

Did you know that...

the complexity of the Financial Model Summary Sheet and Relevant Costs calculation is high and could easily cost you valuable points in the evaluation of CINEA if not well managed.