DG Migration and Home Affairs
DG Justice and Consumers

Funds of the Directorate-Generals Migration and Home Affairs and DG Justice and Consumers are implemented by direct grant agreements (Direct Management) or jointly with the member states via national programmes (Shared Management).

We have very large experience in many EU countries with both funding modes and the legal framework of these EU funds : action or operating grant agreements and programme guides for applicants for Direct Management and basic acts, implementing rules and manual on eligibility rules transposed in national rules for Shared Management.

The Direct Management funds are awarded under different programmes, such as AMIF, ISF, DAP, CIPS, ISEC, CP, JUST, REC, etc. The project structure often takes the form a lead beneficiary and co-beneficiaries located in other EU countries. The financial reporting happens with pre-defined templates imposed by the EU and subject to an ex-ante control by the EU services.

We have dealt with numerous responsible/contracting, audit and certifying authorities in EU countries for Shared Management funds, both under the 2007-2013 MFF (European Refugee Fund - ERF, European Integration Fund - EIF, Return Fund - RF and External Borders Fund - EBF) and the 2014-2020 MFF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund - AMIF, Internal Security Fund - ISF Border and ISF Police). This has allowed us to gain experience with decentralised monitoring and control systems on multiple grant agreements executed during the same period.

Did you know that...

the co-beneficiaries of Direct Management grant agreements bear the same responsibility as the lead beneficiary and are thus directly accountable towards the EU.