International not for profit associations (AISBLs)

We have a particular extensive experience with international not for profit associations (“AISBLs”/”IVZWs”) under Belgian Company Law (Belgian Companies and Associations Code – BCAC). We are knowledgeable of the interesting possibilities that the Belgian Company Law allows for international associations. This gives in combination with our knowledge of EU funds that these AISBLs often use, a unique comprehensive service offering for AISBLs, combining our legal, financial, administrative, tax and subsidy knowledge.

The Belgian Company Law offers a particularly interesting legal form for international not for profit associations or membership organisations that want to form a network to represent or promote a certain activity, profession or group. The legal framework in Belgium enables statutes of such an AISBL that allow a great flexibility for the structuring of the governance bodies and membership criteria, allow to attract EU funding and at the same time perform commercial activities for the societal object of the AISBL while not being subject to the corporate income taxation or with the possibility of obtaining an advance tax ruling in Belgium.

Did you know that...

Brussels houses about 2.000 AISBLs in the heart of the EU which allows for a great representation and visibility of their interests.